EV Test what’s it all about?

Your EV battery is the most expensive item on your electric vehicle, it is critical for you the vehicle owner or future purchaser to have the knowledge and corrective recommendations to extend the life of your EV battery.

EV Test will give you:

  • An understandable report for your Electric/Hybrid Vehicle’s battery giving the true* state of health (SOH) of your EV’s battery.
  • The ratio of charging done between a fast and slow charger (DC charge versus AC charge). For the EV battery health, it is better protected on a slow charger than on the fast charger.
  • The projected battery life. How the battery is internally matched.
  • How fast electricity can be accepted and distributed by the EV battery.

Where do I go for my EV test?

With over 50 members across our New Zealand and Australian network, you can choose your closest and trusted diagnostic specialist to create your EV test report.  To find your closest YES! EV specialist go to (click here): yesnz.net