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EV test is about creating an understandable report for the Electric/hybrid Vehicle's (EV) user regarding the state of health of the EV's battery. There are a lot of vehicles in the market with HV (High Voltage) batteries that are of a substandard quality.
As the battery is the most expensive item of the EV it is important for the vehicle owner/ purchaser to have facts and corrective suggestions as prepared in this report.
We recommend the public when purchasing an EV to insist on a HV battery performance test to be done on the vehicle. The test gives you information on:
  • The true state of health of the EV battery which is only part of the condition determination of the EV battery and is not just the resettable dashboard SOH value.
  • DC charge versus AC charge. The ratio of charging done on a fast and slow chargers. For the EV battery health it is better protected on a slow charger than on the fast charger.
  • Charge behaviour. The distance the vehicle was driven between charges of the battery. An EV battery is healthier if throughout its life almost the whole capacity is used
  • The projected battery life. How the battery is internally matched.
  • Acceptance level. How fast can electricity be accepted and distributed by the EV battery. The acceptance level is related to recharge duration and battery longevity.
Technicians need to enter the information to create the EV battery performance test sheet in this online tool.
The technician needs to record data from the EV, this can be done with a (Launch) scan tool.
Once you have registered as a user and logged in on this website you will get clear instructions which information needs to be recorded on the scan tool.

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